"My art is my language, my form of resistance". 


Young French-New York woman

Daughter of a brilliant lawyer and an artist, it is naturally that Miss XY undertakes her studies in law, paints and sculpts in her spare time.

Brilliantly rising in the world of law, she quickly made her place in international business.

But her hectic life in the four corners of the world made her feel more and more distant from her roots and values.

A great supporter of the animal cause, involved in many animal protection associations, she gradually came closer to her true values.

Then it is following a professional mission for the benefit of an association for the defense of the planet that she will take the biggest and most beautiful decision of her life. Change and participate actively in changing mentalities.

It is with conviction that she decided to open her art to the public and to communicate with art to change people's vision.

Making sense

Each work of art has a committed message and a part of its profit is donated to associations involved in the field.

Vegetarian, ecologist and artist, these are the words of this passionate person. 

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