"My works are a reflection of who I am. Someone who is simple but who just wants the world to be more beautiful. Since my childhood, I do not support injustice and defend the weakest. Today it is the planet that calls me. To defend it, my weapons: my art! " 

Possible dimensions without base: - 100 x 80 weight 15 Kg
Colors: Matte Black / Black and Silver

Price: From $10 010

My Little Fish

You little fish, so beautiful and so fragile, rebel, stand up against human madness. Be strong and shout even louder that you don't want plastic in your house. Because your house is also our house. Without you little fish we are nothing. No More Plastic Please !!!

Ice Cream Lovers

Gluttony, pleasure, childhood ... I'm sure these few words resonate and remind you of this feeling of sweetness and joy when one bites into a creamy ice cream.

Yes, sweet childhood ... today, the fashion diktat and the perfect body, influenced by Instagram, we have to be sculpted like an artwork.

Hence, my artwork I wanted it inaccessible ... This appetizing ice cream ... the desire for lust remains inaccessible. The ice cream stick with spikes makes her untouchable.

This artwork retransmits the perfect reality of our world where desire remains suppressed and surrender is prohibited.

Dimensions without base: 170 x 80 weight 40 kg
Colors: Gold chrome / Pink / Blue / Black and Silver / Black Chrome

Price: From $9 724

Possible dimensions without base: - 220 x 60 weight 40 Kg
Color: Blue-yellow / Red-black

Price: From $11 440

Fashion Flamingo

Majestic, elegant, slender, feminine, these are the words that come to my mind when I see flamingos. How can we not imagine it catwalking during Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, New York ...

Today, many luxury brands are committed to protecting the planet and animals. Fur and other wild animals’ skins are not used anymore in favor of more noble and ethical materials.  Consciousnesses finally awakens.

My Louboutin or Louis Vuitton Flamingos flies in all fashion weeks, in all the minds of designers to change fashion into a more respectful and even more beautiful industry.

Sugar Addict

Through this sculpture, symbol of our childhood, of our carefree spirit, I wish to question our need to rebel against current consumption. 

This lollipop so appetizing, so innocent, is however our first step towards our addiction to sugar. 

Nowadays, sugar addiction is a real pathology, a real social problem. 

The time for rebellion has come! The Healthy millennium has begun. 

Today we are in a new era. An era of reflection on our way of life. This sculpture symbolizes this difficult fight against our consumption habits, against our desires... our will of a more Healthy, organic, gluten Free life.... 

Possible dimensions without base: - 170 x 60 weight 25 kg
Colors: Electric blue / Blue / Pink / Red / Black and Silver 

Price: From $7 865

Possible dimensions without base: - 240 x 100 weight 90 Kg / 80 x 30 weight 6 Kg
Colors: Black Chrome / Black and Silver 

Price: From $5 720

Tiger Instinct

An apex predator, largest member of the Felidae, tigers are today are threatened by extinction from our beautiful blue planet.

Tiger Instinct is a tribute to this species that I respect so much. Magnificent for its beauty and power, it is also an essential pillar of our ecosystem. We must stand together for the world to change for animals to live in peace with us. 

I wanted this contemporary artwork to be soft with its clean lines, and aggressive with its spikes of revolt found on the tiger’s fists or back.

My work illustrates revolt against our world for Art to educate the minds.

Don't Touch Me Polar Bear

"The polar bear, with his natural elegance, strength and beauty, is a king in his kingdom of ice, but in a kingdom of melting ice!"

Climate change is the main threat to polar bears. If the ice continues to melt at this rate, the area of his dismal kingdom will be reduced by more than 40% within 50 years and will result in the death of tens of thousands of polar bears. 

In addition, the pollution of the oceans by mercury, hydrocarbons and plastic waste contaminates the only and main source of food for many animal species, such as the polar bear. 

I cannot stand idly by in the face of these natural disasters. I decided to dedicate my mind and soul to this cause, through my art.

Possible dimensions without base: - 150 x 150 weight 90kg / 80 x 80 weight 30 kg
Colors: White / Black Mat / Black and Silver 

Price: From $7 865