Possible dimensions: 60 X 80
Frame: Black, Gold, Wood, White

Price: From $5 900
Price with frame: From $6 800

I am Climate Defender

Through my paintings, I wanted to pay tribute to public figures involved in preserving animals and the Planet. Those who are able to be super-heroes on screen, are real super heroes, every day, because of their commitment. My paintings illustrate their messages. With them, we commit ourselves for a better world.

My paintings mirror the society which is both, wild and gentle as Nature and Street Art.

Laeticia's green power

World of Caroline

Melanie's Flowers

Flower like Monica

Green Cameron

Marion in the Defender Jail

Leo the green revenant

Pamela green lifeguard

Elodie snack

Wild Lily Rose

Juliette on the flowers

Nikki Valkyrie