Possible dimensions: 60 X 80
Frame: Black, Gold, Wood, White

Price: From $5 900
Price with frame: From $6 800

Hyppie Chic

Art is only the reflection of nature: wild, intense and fragile. 


What do you see in your deep black eyes? Look around you, listen, feel... And continue your fight. 

La Vida

The music makes my body vibrate, my feet feel the still warm sand, my skin is salted by the air you blow on me. 

Saint Trop 

« Sur la plage abandonnée coquillages et crustacées... plastique et papiers... »

On my Dream

The eyes closed I let myself be carried by my dream which has not yet been caught... 
I feel the breath of the planet breathing hard and relaxed. Together we are one. 


Even in my wildest dreams, the sun has never pierced my heart and soul so strongly... To you Gustavia. 

Pink Lady

I flutter from flower to flower, let myself be carried by the wind. Under the moon I fall asleep to live again tomorrow because each day is a discovery.