Possible dimensions: 60 X 80
Frame: Black, Gold, Wood, White

Price: From $5 900
Price with frame: From $6 800

Gold Planet

We desire you, we sublime you, and yet we often forget that you come from the earth's lair. You my gold, I walk on you and breathe you in every moment. 

Butterfly Dream

I close my eyes and I am a butterfly, a night butterfly, a day butterfly with thousands of colors, with each wing beat, I help our planet to live, to breathe and yet today I die….

Possible dimensions: 60 X 60
Frame: Black, Gold, Wood, White

Price: From $5 200
Price with frame: From $6 000

Gold  isn't dollars 

The earth, the water, the sun and the air cannot be bought. They are our gold, our precious stones and every moment we must protect them.

Gold flavor

Every sunbeam has warmed my skin, I feel you, I admire you and I fear you. 

Possible dimensions: 180x120
Frame: Black, Gold, Wood, White

Price: From $8 200

Divine Gold

You have neither face nor silhouette and yet every day you are our divinity, you our planet so beautiful and so graceful. 

The birth

We were born in your hands, soft and protective. Without you I am no more, aren't you my addiction? 

Golden Attitude

People think you are strong and free, powerful and indestructible. And yet, your heart is fragile and every day, you fade a little more.